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Foliar Feeding Vegetables in Africa’s uplands

RICH VOLCANIC SOIL, ample rainfall and an equable climate are core advantages of growing vegetable crops in the tropical highlands. However, the naturally high soil fertility of upland soils in the tropics is not enough to satisfy the nutrient demands of fast-growing vegetable crops. Fertiliser application is a crucially important component of any cultivation schedule. … Continue reading Foliar Feeding Vegetables in Africa’s uplands

Growing Agave?

Using a combined programme of OMEX Zinc 70, Bio 20 and DP98 with ensure a quality, high yielding crop. Regular applications of Zinc 70 will promote growth hormone production, which along with increased root biomass from Bio 20 helps the agave plant reach it’s optimal yield.  DP98 acts as a root stimulant and health promoter. … Continue reading Growing Agave?

Greenhouse Industry’s Biggest Exhibition

The World’s Biggest Exhibition for the Greenhouse Industry Now in its 18th year, Growtech has gone from strength to strength and is now the biggest exhibition in the greenhouse sector. This year’s show will bring together more than 800 exhibitors from 30 countries and 85,000 agriculture professionals from 100+ countries. he leading fair in Eastern Europe, … Continue reading Greenhouse Industry’s Biggest Exhibition

Be prepared this Winter with OMEX deicers

Don’t slip up this Winter….be prepared with OMEX deicers! With the temperature dropping it’s time to start thinking about winter and your deicer requirements. OMEX deicers offer clean, simple and accurate application. Extremely effective and non-corrosive for both deicing and anti-icing. OMEX deicers can be used in a wide variety of locations including industrial sites, … Continue reading Be prepared this Winter with OMEX deicers