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OMEX appoints new sales manager for Scotland

OMEX appoints new sales manager for Scotland OMEX Agriculture has appointed Mhairi Robertson as its sales manager for Scotland, replacing Gavin Inglis who recently retired. Mhairi is from a farming background and graduated from Edinburgh University in 1997 with a degree in agricultural science and is FACTS qualified. Mhairi has extensive experience working in food … Continue reading OMEX appoints new sales manager for Scotland

Foliar Feeding Vegetables in Africa’s uplands

RICH VOLCANIC SOIL, ample rainfall and an equable climate are core advantages of growing vegetable crops in the tropical highlands. However, the naturally high soil fertility of upland soils in the tropics is not enough to satisfy the nutrient demands of fast-growing vegetable crops. Fertiliser application is a crucially important component of any cultivation schedule. … Continue reading Foliar Feeding Vegetables in Africa’s uplands

Kelpak Trials Update

Kelpak Trials Update Latest trials results published by Kelp Products International (PTY) Ltd: The trial was done on the everbearer variety Favori as a tabletop cultivation technique. An everbearer has a long growing period and develops new flowers throughout the cultivation period, making it interesting to test the effect of Kelpak on production, crop development … Continue reading Kelpak Trials Update

What is CalMax Ultra?

What is CalMax Ultra? CalMax Ultra contains calcium in conjunction with a ‘pump primer’ that ensures the calcium can be actively transported into plant cells even during the difficult periods of low metabolic activity and stress. Features and benefits • Improved calcium levels • Increased brix levels • Protects against calcium related disorders The increased … Continue reading What is CalMax Ultra?

The benefits of Kelpak

The benefits of Kelpak Kelpak is an organic biostimulant containing concentrated extract of the kelp species Ecklonia maxima. Testimonial “We find by using CalMax Ultra in conjunction with Kelpak, as part of our regular foliar spray programme, that calcium uptake is more efficient resulting in improved yield of class 1 fruits and better fruit quality” – Gerry Scallan, BR Brooks … Continue reading The benefits of Kelpak