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Cocao – Growing with OMEX CocoBoost

Are you growing Cocao – the latest trend in superfood? OMEX CocoBoost is a foliar fertilizer that’s designed to nourish Cocao pods, suppress black pod disease and is certified by the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. See below, photographs of OMEX CocoBoost being successfully trialled here in Ghana. For further information, please contact  

Why use foliar fertilizers?

OMEX specialises in the development and manufacture of super-concentrated liquid foliar fertilizers. These products are characterised by very high nutrient concentrations, often close to those of solid fertilisers and several times that of normal solution fertilisers. All products are 100% water-soluble for fertigation and foliar applications. The chemistry required to formulate OMEX water soluble suspensions … Continue reading Why use foliar fertilizers?

Health benefits of Radishes

Radishes, radishes, radishes! With so many amazing health benefits associated with radishes who wouldn’t want to increase their yield and quality with OMEX Bio 20?!? OMEX Agrifluids are experts in plant health and nutrition.  These radishes were treated with 2.5litres/ha of OMEX Bio 20 (20-20-20+macro+chelated miconutrients) applied every 15 days. OMEX Bio 20 is a biostimulant combining … Continue reading Health benefits of Radishes