Health benefits of Radishes

Radishes, radishes, radishes! With so many amazing health benefits associated with radishes who wouldn’t want to increase their yield and quality with OMEX Bio 20?!? OMEX Agrifluids are experts in plant health and nutrition.  These radishes were treated with 2.5litres/ha of OMEX Bio 20 (20-20-20+macro+chelated miconutrients) applied every 15 days. OMEX Bio 20 is a biostimulant combining … Continue reading Health benefits of Radishes

Slow release nitrogen helps contracting logistics

 SLOW RELEASE NITROGEN HELPS CONTRACTING LOGISITICS #SupportingScottishFarming   For Scottish farmer and contractor Neil McIver, in the Black Isle, North of Inverness, gaining valuable time and securing weather windows for his busy contracting operation can often prove tricky, even in the easiest of years, especially when the pressure is on.   Mistimed liquid nitrogen applications … Continue reading Slow release nitrogen helps contracting logistics

Micro nutrients aid potato operation

POTATO CROP CANOPY IMPROVEMENT HOLDS MOISTURE BENEFITS Applying micro nutrients to potatoes grown on unirrigated soils has helped a Lincolnshire grower protect existing soil moisture and maximise canopy growth. However, repeated applications has also helped achieve higher yields and a better skin finish, resulting in a more saleable premium product.   T H Forington and … Continue reading Micro nutrients aid potato operation

Bio 20 gives post-winter cereal health a boost

POST-WINTER CEREAL HEALTH GETS A WELCOME BOOST   Overwintered cereals can often struggle in less than ideal spring conditions, especially where tiller numbers, root structure and disease pressure can combine to limit growth at the crucial early stem extension timing (GS30).   Dry or even excessively wet conditions often lead to crops suffering visible stress … Continue reading Bio 20 gives post-winter cereal health a boost