OMEX Soil Sampling

It’s time to arrange soil sampling for next year’s sugar beet crops The OMEX soil sampling team is rolling for another year and has started in-crop sampling for oilseed rape and will soon be gearing up for testing stubbles for sugar beet. Soil sampling is an important cornerstone to ensure the soil nutrient reserves are maintained … Continue reading OMEX Soil Sampling

Suspension Fertilisers For Potatoes

  Suspension Fertilisers for Potatoes Potatoes can be a fragile, labour intensive and expensive crop to grow. So, it’s good to know that OMEX suspension fertilisers for potatoes demonstrated significant yield increases over a branded solid fertiliser in replicated independent plot tests. Here’s how OMEX suspension fertiliser can benefit potato crops: Nitrogen and Didin OMEX’s highly adaptable … Continue reading Suspension Fertilisers For Potatoes

OMEX foliar fertilizer program for healthy tomatoes

Would you like to improve the quality and yield of your tomatoes? Try OMEX foliar program of Organomex and CalMax Ultra at 1l/ha + 1l/ha every 15 days. These cherry tomatoes were grown in Pachino, Sicily, the photographs speak for themselves! For more information please contact:  

Health benefits of Radishes

Radishes, radishes, radishes! With so many amazing health benefits associated with radishes who wouldn’t want to increase their yield and quality with OMEX Bio 20?!? OMEX Agrifluids are experts in plant health and nutrition.  These radishes were treated with 2.5litres/ha of OMEX Bio 20 (20-20-20+macro+chelated miconutrients) applied every 15 days. OMEX Bio 20 is a biostimulant combining … Continue reading Health benefits of Radishes